Icons-services-03 Paid intership in France Program dedicated to students from Argentina in Gastronomy, Pastry, Sommellerie, Housing and Tourism.
Icons-services-05 Work and Travel Program dedicated to Argentinians, Chileans y Colombians between 18 and 30 years old.
Icons-services-04 High School USA Language and Cultural Immersion Program for 14 to 18 year old students.
Icons-services-02 Unpaid Internships - Other Destinations Program dedicated to students from Argentina in Gastronomy, Pastry, Sommellerie, Housing and Tourism.


Icons-services-02 Unpaid Internships in Argentina Program dedicated to foreign students of all areas, willing to gain international professional experience in Argentina.
Icons-services-06 Volunteering in Córdoba Program dedicated to foreign students of all areas, willing to live a humanitarian experience in Argentina.
Icons-services-07 Language courses on-line and on-site Spanish, French and English classes, all levels, with native teachers.
Icons-services-01 Tours and Travel Thematic tours for those who want to discover the culture of other countries.



Director of Betanbauer


International Mobility Manager


Local Manager

A word from the Director

From the experience we lived in other countries, we know how difficult it is to establish an academic or a professionnal contact in a foreign country where we also want to discover the culture. That’s why since 2006, Betanbauer offers to students programs with different destinations that fit your needs and help you to achieve your goals. We invite you to discover our offers!


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This journey was a wonferful experience. But not only from a professional point of view because I lived at the argentinian rythm. I met a lot of people from all over the world and I made friend with them. I improved my Spanish a lot as well as my professional skills. This internship also allows me to travel through the country and to discover amazing places. See you soon Argentina!


Intern in Graphism, Argentina
My career as an engineer allowed me to make my internship in Córdoba for 4 months. The experience has been unforgettable! Life in Argentina is so exciting that I think I’ll be back in a future. The missions I had during my internship were in perfect adequacy with my studies and my co-workers were very nice.


Intern in Ingeneering, Argentina
When I first arrived in Córdoba, I didn’t speak Spanish and I worked at Betanbauer's office with Georgina who was very patient with me. Everything was perfect, the internship was interesting and the apartment where I lived was great. I don’t want to go back to France! But I’m sure I’ll be back!


Intern in International Trade, Argentina
My experience with Betanbauer was one of the best of my life. I studied tourism in Belgium and Georgina found an internship in perfect adequacy with my goals. The company I worked with was really kind to me and I could visit the country thanks to the travels we organized.


Intern in Tourism, Argentina
After 3 months here, I finally get to say that I’m doing well because they offered me to extend my stay. Now I understand French and I can talk more. The work here is interesting because we often change the menu and this allows us to work with different products.


Intern in Gastronomy, France
I have to admit that at the beginning it wasn’t easy because of the language and the new way of work. I couldn’t find my spot in the kitchen and I felt that I was bothering and that my work wasn’t good enough. Little by little, the Chef started to give me more responsibilities and I finally felt comfortable in the kitchen avec with the team.


Intern in Pastry, France
The first days were kind of difficult even if I already had a basic knowledge of the language. My chief and my colleagues were always really patient with me and they took the time to explain to me every task and they answered all my questions. Professionally speaking, I learn new things, new techniques and I also used all my previous knowledge.


Intern in Pastry, France
This past month, I’m feeling better, I understand much more french than when I arrived and I also can talk. I still have some difficulties, but I can see a difference since my arrival in February. It’s not easy to be a “femme de chambre” and less in a 4 stars hotel because the requirement is higher, but the experience is wonderful.


PVTiste in Housing, France


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